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Many complaints arise from injuries sustained in sports.  Each year we see athletic performance draw closer to the limits of human potential, yet most athletes continually push themselves harder.

At Conyers Family Chiropractic Center, we understand the principles involved which helps us to prevent injury and restore functional integrity and stability through rehabilitation.

While our extremities transmit forces and motion at a distance, they are prone to injuries by amplifying forces acting on the body.

The time and effort athletes put into their training is as incredible as it is remarkable. For example, runners may compete and train over 200 miles per week, swimmers may spend four or five hours in the water daily, and the acquisition of skills for an event such as a pentathlon may utilize even longer periods per day. Thus, the exploitation of athletic prowess can easily be disrupted by major and minor injury problems.

A study of injuries in high school sports for two academic years revealed 1197 injuries for 3049 participants in 19 different sports. The study also showed the injuries by gender and sport, and as expected, football and wrestling topped the list for males.  There were some surprises though.  Softball, gymnastics and cross-country had significant injury counts for females, as did basketball and track and field for males.

We know many reasons why athletes of all ages and genders should seek an appropriately trained chiropractor for the treatment and rehabilitation of a sports injury. Active people are physically and emotionally different from sedentary ones. Most physicians have not had special training in sports medicine or rehabilitation. Even outstanding physicians who don’t regularly treat athletes often make diagnose incorrectly and fail to alleviate athletes’ injury problems.

We repeatedly read or hear about athletes and recurring injuries, most often because of misdiagnosis or improper treatment programs.  And while spinal injuries account for a very low amount of athlete injuries, a sports chiropractor has been properly trained to treat areas not part of the spine.

The key is quick, clear and correct diagnosis, communication with the athlete on the path of rehabilitation and promptly entering the treatment phase.  Waiting will only lengthen the recovery period.

Sports chiropractic and chiropractic rehabilitation have received a considerable amount of attention in recent years. Some of the reason for the increased awareness is the publicity regarding the injuries of professional athletes, but also encouragement in physical fitness through the president’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

Sports chiropractic and chiropractic rehabilitation have developed briskly over the last ten years. Dr. Boscher and Dr. Veneziano are both trained and experienced sports chiropractors and they ask that you make an appointment with one of them once a sports injury has occurred.  It can make the difference in the pain experienced and length of recovery, both of which can hinder any athlete, and they want you to perform at your best.